Rough Cuts

Are you interested in reading sample pages of my novel? The cuts and edits I’m making now are parts of the story I really wanted to tell. I wanted to tell the true history, as I lived it, of the agricultural industry in the Pajaro Valley at the end of the 20th Century, and the transition from pesticide-intensive mega corporate ag to sustainable, organic, small-scale farming. But it seems that some pieces and bits of the story are going to have to be told another time, maybe in another novel, or a memoir or social history, or perhaps written down by someone else.

It’s often said that “writing is revising” so, I’m going at my darling novel with a butcher knife, hacking off arms, legs, and internal organs. “Killing my Children”, as they say. Herein, on these Rough Cuts posts, some of the amputated parts of Fruit of the Devil are buried. Buenas suerta, mis niños.

Paris Climate Change Conference rally

Marchers at the Paris Climate Change Conference, 2016