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A priest is murdered.

That’s the way the story starts. Death is on my mind tonight. My beloved Godmother, Grace, died on May 3rd. And I just learned today about the deaths of two of my friends.

Cecile, I knew was sick, but it never occurred to me she might die. She did, fairly suddenly, this week.

Barbara, I have gone along holding in my heart, the way we do those people we care about, but don’t often see . Having imagined conversations. Thinking, I should really call her one of these days. “Is Barbara going to be coming to the 1,000 Hummingbirds gathering this weekend?” I asked Jaime today. “Barbara? Oh, my goodness, she died three years ago. You didn’t know?” What a strange feeling, to discover that the connection I’ve felt to Barbara all this time was actually cut off years ago. Like the light from stars – it takes so long to reach us from out in the universe, we might be looking at a star that actually died eons ago.

My friend Cecile and I were talking with each other about the stories we were going to write, last time I saw her. Her story would have been wonderful. But she died without telling it. I feel such urgency to finish writing mine! How much time have any of us got, individually, and as a species? “The hour is getting late,” and we are all stardust.


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