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Fish and Game

I had the great honor and privilege of connecting with a Fish and Game Captain recently. I was working on a scene where my Fish and Game Warden responds to a situation on Corralitos Creek, and I wanted to get my details right. I was very fortunate to meet Captain Kelly, who has been tremendously helpful. Besides providing me with excellent details concerning a warden’s day to day reality, he has arranged for me to go on a ride along with a warden. State Department of Fish and Game is a tremendously important agency and really deserves our respect and support!

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writing about the watershed

Spent many years teaching watershed ecology to little kids. Death of the Gecko is a story about watershed ecology for grown-ups.

Had a dream the other night. I was at a university, and it was the end of the semester. A professor of geology or geography was looking over his text books, and I was in his office/classroom. I noticed a large paperback book entitled “Watershed Ecology”. He handed it to me, and I opened it. He said that the average American today believes that their water comes from China, and that people need to understand what it means that they live in a watershed, and where their water comes from. He gave me the book and told me to be sure to put all the information about watershed ecology into the novel I’m writing.

A tall order, to educate, while entertaining. I’m giving it a try.

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